If what you did yesterday
Still seems great today,
Then your goals for tomorrow
Are not big enough

Welcome to our world!

We typeset academic journals and documents with heavy mathematics.

We depend on a time tested markup based typesetting system called, TEX to process textual content and generate various outputs like PDF, XML and related deliverables. TEX is the de facto standard for typesetting math content. Owing to its math awareness, we use TEX to generate MathML from document sources seamlessly.

A lot of free and open source software have been used in production. For example, Linux as the operating system for both desktops and servers, version control system, project management, bug tracker, MediaWiki for documentation, production tracking and management, quality checking system, performance evaluation system, mail clients, text editors, etc., are widely in use, all belonging to the genre of free and open source software. Even for graphics, GIMP and Inkscape are being increasingly used to replace Adobe software in a phased manner.